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This New DIY Watercolor Kit is for all of you who strive for peace, divinity, and personal growth. I for one have been challenging myself to meditate everyday and frequent more yoga classes. I never truly internalized the benefits of these two things until this past year and I’m so grateful for the power it has had on me. With that said, namaste ❤️

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to paint but don’t have the time or hundreds of dollars to take a class, this DIY Watercolor Kit is perfect for you! I want you to be able to have a painting that you’re proud of and want to hang to personalize your home! Thats why I’ve made these DIY Watercolor Kits as easy and relaxing as possible. Not only are they convenient to travel with, they also make the perfect creative gift, activity with friends, or starter kit for those who want to explore a new craft.

Each Kit Includes: 
Instructions with Reference Image, Practice Guide, Coordinated Paint Palette, a Reusable Water BrushPen, and an 8×10 Pre-Outlined Image (thats right, you don’t even have to draw!)

Nam libero tempore.