If you've ever wanted to learn to paint but don't have the time or hundreds of dollars to take a class. This DIY watercolor kit is perfect for you! I want to help you create art you'll be proud of!

Everything you need

Each kit includes simple instructions, coordinating paint palette, practice guide, pre-outlined image, and a reusable waterbrush pen.

Earth Conscious

All paints used in the kits are made without any animal by-products. Even the paper is cotton-based so it doesn't contribute to deforestation!


With the reusable waterbush pen, just fill with water and paint anywhere, at any time. No mess means no worries!

Frame it & Hang it!

The full-sized, pre-outlined image is on 8x10 watercolor paper. That means it fits into any standard frame! Get ready to personalize your home decor!

Our Story

The day of one of my watercolor workshops, I opened my email to find sveral messages from moms that bought tickets to the event. Their babysitter cancelled and they couldn't attend so they wanted to know if I could just send them all the materials. Of course, I had no idea how to do that, but months later I figured it out. Insert the DIY watercolor kit! A watercolor workshop to-go!

Learn to paint with Maya

See all the possibilities

Get your loved one something special


Amy A.

DIY Watercolor Kit

Loved this as a gift idea! And loved it even more when it arrived. Packaged so well and ready to gift, and love that a kitty is part of the company! That right there won me over. Recipient was really pleased too and excited to try it soon. Really pleased and will definitely buy a kit for myself in the future. Thanks so much!


DIY Watercolor Kit

I originally took of of the classes in person, and it made we want to try another watercolor piece! This one is so pretty and has easy to follow instructions. Its very calming, so I wait until the children are at school and then slowly paint away. Its very relaxing and Maya has figured out a way to share her art in a well put together and in a beautiful way. Nobody else is putting together watercolor like she is doing! I will be ordering another one!

Scott J.

Custom Pawtrait

“I ordered a portrait of our pittie who just passed away. My wife (happy) cried. She said it was the best gift I ever gave her!!

Thank you for paying such close attention to the details and honoring our sweet boy!"

Elina D.

Custom Pawtrait

“I seriously want to gift your Pet Portraits to everyone I know!!”

Moriah W.

DIY Watercolor Kit

So much fun! This was my second diy kit and I could not recommend it enough. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

Taylor S.

Custom Pawtrait

This painting is absolutely PERFECT!!!! you’re the best Maya! Thank you so much!!!